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The worlds first photograph

Actually this is the earliest surviving photograph, c. 1826. It required an eight-hour exposure, which resulted in sunlight on both sides of the buildings.

Photographer: Nicéphore Niépce’s

Letters to his sister-in-law around 1816 indicate that he found a way to fix images on paper, but not prevent them from deterioration in light. The earliest known, surviving example of a Niépce photograph (or any other photograph) was created in 1825 Niépce called his process heliography, which literally means “sun writing”.

Alton Towers

A look at why theme parks are fantastic places to capture emotion versus human mechanical achievement.

On a recent trip to Alton Towers I took my LCA+ with a splitzer in the hope of capturing some of the scream curdling, stomach churning excitement on film.

I must confess I am a massive scaredy cat when it comes to rides. I have a real weak stomach so rides aren’t my thing but I had a great day.

I think lomography is best placed not for detail but for emotion. Where is there a stronger physical proof of emotion than whilst you’re hurtling round a metal track at God knows what speed?

Photo by welland

I tried out a new film whilst I was there; a smooth Fuji Velvia 100 and had it cross processed. I loved the beautiful colour it gave. The whole album came back in a lovely deep purple and added something different to the shots. I also tried out the splitzer, which is a little addition I hadn’t really attempted since receiving it as a gift. The idea was to have a cloud roller coaster. It didn’t really work namely as 100 speed was too slow for the relatively overcast day.

Hopefully you can kind of see what I was going for.

I was kind of dreading going to Alton Towers as I was nervous about feeling sick all day but I had more than enough to amuse me with my camera! The great structures just photograph so well.

Photo by susielomovitz

I think they work best with a splitzer but you can always take such awesome energetic shots with rollercoasters.

Have a flick through these shots and tell me they if do look lomorific?

I just love the clean lines, the silhouettes, and the sense of structure. If you are lucky enough to go on a trip to a fun fair, remember there is more fun to be had than just the rides!

Wedding Video

I got married to the beautiful Lucy Welland on the 4th September 2010. It was an incredible day. It truely was the best day of my life. So many happy moments and I was glad to have so many friends share it with us.

My best man Jake Dypka is a talented Director and shot this short video for us. Its something I watch from time to time to remind me of the detail in what was a fantastic day.

I hope you enjoy it too. The soundtrack is an acoustic version of Lions Den by Dry the River (See previous post)

You may not know either of us but watch this video and you will know love.


During November each year, Movember is responsible for the sprouting of moustaches on thousands of men’s faces around the world. The aim of which is to raise vital funds and awareness for men’s health, specifically prostate cancer and other cancers that affect men. Here’s why i am taking part!

On Movember 1st, guys register at with a clean-shaven face and then for the rest of the month, these selfless and generous men, known as Mo Bros, groom, trim and wax their way into the annals of fine moustachery. Supported by the women in their lives, Mo Sistas, Movember Mo Bros raise funds by seeking out sponsorship for their Mo-growing efforts.

Movember is about raising funds and awareness for men’s health, specifically prostate cancer and testicular cancer. Did you know one man dies every hour from prostate cancer in the UK each year and more than 2,000 men will be diagnosed with testicular cancer this year.

Photo by sadmafioso

The more people we can get to become Citizens of Movember, the more lives we can impact. You can either grow a moustache as a Mo Bro, or join as a Mo Sista to show your support and help recruit other Mo growers to the team.

Photo by chippo

Lomography is also lending its support to this awesome charity month. We have a strong community and we need you all to spread the word, raise the awareness and ultimately raise some cash for research and medical care.

Photo by gnarlyleech

Lomography UK has donated 8 Mini Dianas to document 8 lomogs loMOs throughout Movember. We will start the month with a clean face and take a photo each day to show the sprouting manleyness which is moustache! I can’t wait to see what will come of this, it will be incredible.

Photo by anarchy

Stay tuned for results but please let us show how strong our community is and join in the fun. Whatever country you are from, whatever sex you are, you can help.

We come together to photograph and document things of beauty, now lets come together to help rid the world of this evil cancer.

I will upload the stop frame movie of my tash growth at the end of the month.

If any of you kind people would like to sponsor me you can do so here

Zenit E

Im a fan of most analogue cameras, especially ones from USSR. I was out shopping for a halloween costume on Friday and we needed to get some fabric to complete the Little Dead Riding Hood costume. So we went to an old fabric shop run by an old guy and his even older mother.

Amongst all of the fabric was this little beauty. I had seen examples of its shots before and rated it highly for its SLR magic. This camera is bloody heavy and can serve as a weapon but the make is so good it doesn’t require batteries and has an awesome bulb setting for light paintings.

Check out the awesome hazyness this fantastic camera takes


  • Film format: 135 (35mm)
  • Picture size: 24mm x 36mm
  • Lens: Industar-50-2 lens 50 mm f/3.5.
  • Shutter: Focal plane
  • Shutter speeds: B, 1/30-1/500
  • Viewfinder SLR
  • Exposure meter : Uncoupled selenium meter
  • Size: WxHxD 138x93x72mm
  • Weight: 800g (with lens)
  • Battery: Not needed
  • PC X and M sync, accessory shoe
  • Self-timer

Zenit E is a single-lens reflex camera, fitted with a built-in and uncoupled exposure meter and with a reflex mirror of instant return type The camera is supplied in two variants: with HELIOS-44-2 lens 58 mm f/2 and with INDUSTAR-50-2 lens 50 mm f/3.5.

The glass lense is exceptional quality. People may scoff at the look and weight of this aging relic of the USSR but its probably got a better lense then most modern digitals.

Can’t wait to start using it

Amused and Bemused

Welcome to my first post on my new blog. Expect some amusing and bemusing, enthralling and hardballing stories anicdotes and experiences.

I hope you enjoy it, share it and join in.

I will start you off with my love of music and my new favorite band, Dry the River. If you don’t like them, I’d leave now. Please close the window on the way out