Introducing – Thomas Cole Simmonds #1

I am forever finding myself lost in the depths of photography websites such as flickr and amazed at the “non professional” talent out there. People who shoot for a passion and not a pay check. I am starting a series for Honeyroasthoax introducing this emerging talent. First up we have Thomas Cole Simmonds from my town of Brighton.

Age: 22

Years shooting: About 2 years now, a bit less shooting models though. 🙂

Favourite camera: I haven’t used it much yes seeing as it was quite a recent purchase but I really enjoy using my Bronica ETR-Si

Projects: At the moment I am working on my 52 week project, that is mainly so I have something photography related to do in between shoots. Other than that I am just trying to get as many shoots lined up and hopefully get in some magazines!

Person to shoot: I am actually in the process of arranging a shoot with someone who I have wanted to shoot with for a long time now, but more about that later. 😀

Why use analogue: I love digital, you would be mad not to use it. It has so many advantages over film, however in my opinion it still lacks a certain character that you cat with analogue and in my opinion it can’t quite be replicated in a digital form.

Thanks to Thomas for sharing some of his photos. Take a look through his portfolio here