Olympic Games, London 2012

I think it’s fair to say the London Olympic games gripped the world. In the lead up to the games the media were concentrating on complaints, money being spent, contractors not fulfilling obligations, traffic problems. However from the opening ceremony to the closing day the world was transfixed to the Olympic Games.


I will admit I was not exactly fussed with the games until it all started. Early on in the games I found archery, a sport I had previously no interest in, enthralling. I think this happened with a lot of people, finding a sport they barely knew the rules for, absolutely unmissable. Productivity must have taken a massive down turn as the BBC were providing great live footage for your Olympic fix at work.


It was a massive soap opera unfolding, twists and turns, drama and dilemmas. It was great to see the people get behind their nations. There was something special about these athletes. We are used to over payed mega stars not giving their all unless everything went their way.

ImageThese teams were ordinary people with passion, pride and talent. The Olympians are the best we can do and when that athlete produces the best they can do on the day its incredible to watch. Imagine working ridiculously hard through horrendous conditions with poor funding for a race that lasts 1 minute, or 3 jumps?

ImageWe tried and failed to get any reasonably priced tickets so we decided to make the trip up to London on the last day to watch the marathon. Not the best of spectator sports but at least we were there and the atmosphere around London was alive.

ImageI wanted to take some nice pictures to try and capture some of the spirit of the Olympics but realised I was never going to get close enough to the action. I decided to cheat a bit. I had seen a technique of taking bokeh layered photos by taking a photo of light on a computer first then double exposing them with your image. Slightly unimaginative but I have seen some nice results.


I decided to replicate this process but taking photos of the athletes instead and layering them over London landmarks. I scoured the internet and downloaded the best images on to a wide screen tv. I then sat there and took the photos of the images (getting strange looks from my wife) on my Olympus OM1. I used Kodak Elitechrome. I then rewound the film, loaded in an Olympus Trip and headed to London with @LucyWelland and met up with @Dypka and @Misslucybridger and strolled the sites.


Even though the technique is cheating as I’m ripping off someone else’s images I was happy with the results.

Introducing – Thomas Cole Simmonds #1

I am forever finding myself lost in the depths of photography websites such as flickr and amazed at the “non professional” talent out there. People who shoot for a passion and not a pay check. I am starting a series for Honeyroasthoax introducing this emerging talent. First up we have Thomas Cole Simmonds from my town of Brighton.

Age: 22

Years shooting: About 2 years now, a bit less shooting models though. 🙂

Favourite camera: I haven’t used it much yes seeing as it was quite a recent purchase but I really enjoy using my Bronica ETR-Si

Projects: At the moment I am working on my 52 week project, that is mainly so I have something photography related to do in between shoots. Other than that I am just trying to get as many shoots lined up and hopefully get in some magazines!

Person to shoot: I am actually in the process of arranging a shoot with someone who I have wanted to shoot with for a long time now, but more about that later. 😀

Why use analogue: I love digital, you would be mad not to use it. It has so many advantages over film, however in my opinion it still lacks a certain character that you cat with analogue and in my opinion it can’t quite be replicated in a digital form.

Thanks to Thomas for sharing some of his photos. Take a look through his portfolio here