National Trust Oast House

I have recently come back from a lovely weekend staying in an Oast House in Worcestershire.

It was a really lovely weekend and probably the first of the actually warm weekends we have had in Britain so far this year.

I was really looking forward to seeing my neices and playing out side in the wild! It was great fun.

I thought I would share some of the shots with you. I used my Olympus OM1 loaded with Kodak Ektachrome film and cross processed it.

This was the farmers house which was nearby.This was the nearby farmers house.

My Neice on the viewers right and her friend.

Three generations! My mum and my sister and my two neices.

My neices.Harriet is a real girly girl whilst Ruby (with the stick) is a big Tomboy and helped me climb trees.

The girls scared the hell out of the cows.

It was such a nice weekend and very cheap. You can hire most of the National Trust properties. Details of this house are here

Im not sure where the reddish tint came from in these photos. Thats the beauty of using slide film I guess! You can see the rest of the photos from the weekend here

Sorry this is such a short rushed post. I kept meaning to write it all up and got very busy!

Analogue Brighton Exhibition

I have been tweeting about it a lot recently so hopefully you will all be aware of the awesomeness coming your way! Some of my photo have been in a few exhibitions before but thats been part of winning competitions and I’ve not been able to see them as they have been too far away.

This one is my first proper one and I’m really excited by it. There will be some great photos on show and 4 other analogue photographers.

Collate presents and Artists Residence have been great in helping us display our work. I have had a sneek peak at some of the other exhibits and they are incredible. The private view is Wednesday night and the exhibition run until the 27th April.

If you can come down at any point I would appreciate it, all art work is for sale but its not really a money making exercise (although I would like a yacht) so come on down and show your support.

Light Painting Masters

Ive become quite taken by light painting recently and have been looking about for inspiration. Most of the great examples I can find are taken on digital cameras and there are limitations when using analogue. The greatest inspiration I could of got came from the very unlikely source of the Daily Mail! My wife showed me an article in there on Gjon Mili. (Lucy assures me she only reads it for the gossip)

Gjon Mili (November 28, 1904 – February 14, 1984) was an Albanian-American photographer best known for his work published in LIFE. This guy is all kinds of crazy good and it has put me on a trail to see some abosolute painting masters. This has inspired me no end and im going to be trying some shots out tonight.

He also did a lot of work taking inspiration from Picassos paintings.

Some other great masters are

Andreas Feininger

A friend of mine has a boyfriend with a helicopter so I’m hoping I get the chance to try it out.

David Lebe

Eric Staller

Jozef Sedlák

I had to post two pics from Jozef as I really like his shots. Apologies for the willies.

Kamil Varga

So who is your favourite? Do you know any others? Would you like to show me your own light painting attempts?


Lomography Swap Shop!

I have in my possession a brand new, in box, Coloursplash Lomography camera. It is the snazzy looking chakras edition and comes with a great book, film and a cardboard box (perfect for making a hat with).

You can take some awesome shots with this camera.

This sleek Lomographic camera will re-cast your world with a gorgeous riot of color. Its patented colorwheel system puts several tinted flash filters at your finger tips for instant selection; with an additional 9 filters included to exchange. Just select your color, put it in front of your flash, and fire a burst of colored light at your subject! Long exposure capability creates dreamy streaked backgrounds behind crisp, color-flashed foregrounds.

This special limited edition has been customized by Staple Design with a rubberized surface and Staple’s signature pigeon graphics. Inspired by the ubiquitous bird of New York City (and countless other urban locales), this special edition is outfitted in a slick grey & red color scheme. It uses regular 35mm film that can be developed anywhere.

The camera retails for £69.99 and it can be yours for a swap! What I would like you guys to do is…

Step 1. Comment below telling me what you would like to swap this camera for and why I should swap with you.

Step 2. Sign up to the email service for this blog so I can let you all know when a new post is published. (Your details will not be passed on to any other people)

Step 3. Tweet ” I have entered the swapshop competition for a #lomography camera at @tomwelland ”

If you don’t have a twitter account, you should get one, its fun. I guess you could maybe blog or facebook it but you will need to post me a link or screen grab of you saying it.

The swap shop will be open from now until the 1st April 2012 and a winner will be picked in early April. I will pay for the postage to get the camera to you but likewise you will be expected to pay for the postage of whatever you swap to me! I am based in the UK but will happily post overseas.

Please do not think this swap is all about monetary value or that I am after something specific, I want to see all kinds of suggestions. It could be anything from a left footed flip-flop once worn by Winston Churchill to a pigeon’s toupee and everything in between.

Good luck, everyone is in with a chance and I hope the camera goes to someone who really wants it.