The worlds most expensive photograph.

An image of the Rhine by German artist Andreas Gursky has fetched $4.3m (£2.7m) at Christie’s New York, setting an auction record for a photograph.

Im really stunned at the value put on this photo. It is a glass mounted panoramic and one part of a 6 series piece of work. I think the photo is nothing amazing, the lines are nice but the sky is dull,  the grass is not even a nice green.

What is there about this shot that makes it worth £2.7 million?

Cindy Shermans “untitled #96” photograph was the previous record holder selling for $3.89 million. For that amount of money I would of at least wanted it to be titled! Its a self portrait of Cindy and in my eyes nothing special. I wouldn’t even pay £1 for this shot.

Now after considering these two multimillion pound prints, have a look at this shot by a talented lomographer called Warning. This shot you can probably just have for free but in my eyes is vastly better than these two.

2 thoughts on “The worlds most expensive photograph.

    • Thanks Harun! I didn’t realise the Rhein II was photoshopped! Well that makes me think even less of this dull photo!

      Its clever yes but I certainly wouldn’t want it on my wall. Even for £10!

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