Zenit E

Im a fan of most analogue cameras, especially ones from USSR. I was out shopping for a halloween costume on Friday and we needed to get some fabric to complete the Little Dead Riding Hood costume. So we went to an old fabric shop run by an old guy and his even older mother.

Amongst all of the fabric was this little beauty. I had seen examples of its shots before and rated it highly for its SLR magic. This camera is bloody heavy and can serve as a weapon but the make is so good it doesn’t require batteries and has an awesome bulb setting for light paintings.

Check out the awesome hazyness this fantastic camera takes


  • Film format: 135 (35mm)
  • Picture size: 24mm x 36mm
  • Lens: Industar-50-2 lens 50 mm f/3.5.
  • Shutter: Focal plane
  • Shutter speeds: B, 1/30-1/500
  • Viewfinder SLR
  • Exposure meter : Uncoupled selenium meter
  • Size: WxHxD 138x93x72mm
  • Weight: 800g (with lens)
  • Battery: Not needed
  • PC X and M sync, accessory shoe
  • Self-timer

Zenit E is a single-lens reflex camera, fitted with a built-in and uncoupled exposure meter and with a reflex mirror of instant return type The camera is supplied in two variants: with HELIOS-44-2 lens 58 mm f/2 and with INDUSTAR-50-2 lens 50 mm f/3.5.

The glass lense is exceptional quality. People may scoff at the look and weight of this aging relic of the USSR but its probably got a better lense then most modern digitals.

Can’t wait to start using it

2 thoughts on “Zenit E

  1. ohhh, I have a senit but I can’t remember which one – they are like bricks! Amazing though, I still haven’t used mine which is a shame. Looking forward to seeing your results!

    Also, blog looks great, I love the image you used as the header!

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